I'm Quentin Kral,

an Astrophysicist in Planetary Sciences

at the Observatory of Paris, FRANCE

Hello, I'm a researcher in Astronomy in Paris! My work mainly focuses on trying to understand the many planetary systems that are observed in the solar neighbourhood. On this website, I tell you a lot about the different projects I worked on or that are on-going. There is also a Question section to ask me whatever you find unclear about planets, comets, or even our universe as a whole! You can also contact me personally for any other enquiry... 

New Posts

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Quick glance at my work through some of my most recent simulations

Giant impact simulation with LIDT-DD


Planet-disc interactions with DyCoSS


Giant impact simulation with LIDT-DD (early stage)


Giant impact simulation with LIDT-DD (late stage)


Avalanche in a disc with LIDT-DD


Planet-disc interactions with DyCoSS


Planet-disc interactions with DyCoSS


Planet-disc interactions with DyCoSS


Planet-disc interactions with DyCoSS